Crufts Heelwork to Music Dog Activities Team 2024

Team Leader Ann DeRizzio


 Team members  are from across the UK representing all classes in both Freestyle and HTM.


They are in alphabetical order:

Susan Balshaw.   

Helen Boyd.

Lyn Coupland

Karen Cherry  

Katie Dable 

Janice Gibbons 

Kath Hardman 

Irene Holt

Diane Jones                                          

Mindy Kerr 

Lisa Mappin 

Jean Page 

Angela Payne 

Karen Robson 

Pamela Ruscoe 

Louise Scott 

Emily Shewell 

Alison Sinclair 

Jen Smith

Kirsty Smith 

Emma Stock  

Alison Thompson 

Susan Wolf 



What types of dogs are on the team?


Australian Shepherds

Border collies /WS D

Tibetan Spaniels

Toy Poodles

Standard Poodles

Golden retrievers

Jack Russell

Cocker spaniels


Hungarian Pumi

Gordon setters

Springer Spaniel

Flat Coated Retrievers


7 Crossbreed of various types


Gundogs feature strongly with 5 Goldie’s , 5 Cocker Spaniel and  2 Gordon Setters.





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