Can Anyone Do It?

Yes - is the quick answer - this is an all encompassing sport and all are welcome


Can Any Dog Do It?

Most certainly - this sport has dogs competing that are a variety of shapes ,breeds and sizes from the great dane to the chihuahua and anything in between. Because the handler sets the routine to suit their dog all breeds , types and sizes can successfully compete in the sport as long as the dog is fit to do so.


Where Do I Begin?

Visit your local dog training class. The Kennel cCub website will have details of clubs registered with them. A good pet training class that trains using positive reward based training is all the grounding you need to get the basics, the world is then your oyster or rather the door is opened into the wonderful world of sporting dogs.

Why not go on a course or watch some of the videos. Better still visit Crufts in March where the sport is represented not only in the main arena but in the dog activities ring. Check out the Events  diary and go and spectate at one of the competitions around the country and there you will see what the start level is - Then why not attend one of the many fun shows or training shows that are held, all this will help you on your road to competition - who knows you could be competing at Crufts yourself one day.

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