Introduction to Heelwork to Music

What is heelwork to Music?

Heelwork to music is an exciting dog activity sport

Heelwork to Music came originally from the sport of canine obedience and uses the heelwork elements of that sport. It requires a dog to walk in one of the 8 prescribed heelwork positions and the handler to choreograph that heelwork to a piece of music.



By using positive training techniques; food, toys games etc.. Dogs are trained to maintain a heelwork position and move with their handlers at a variety of speeds in various directions.

Do Dogs Dance?

No - The music and the 'dancing' is for the handler who has to choreograph the dogs movements at heel in time to or using the phrasing, beat or rhythm of the music.

The handler can move and dance if they wish but the dog is simply doing heelwork. this makes it more challenging and fun for the handler - the dog does not care what music it is.


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