Show Reports 2017

Show reports 2017

CANINE PERFORMERS Open HTM show, 23 April.

Intermediate Freestyle . Only 7 entries today,with one doing a TR.

1st, scoring 23.25, Susan Wolfe and GR Nakuru Mayfly. Very good interpretation of the music and story -Teddy Bears Picnic, and plenty of varied content. I would have liked to see more commitment from this lovely goldie who was unhurried throughout, not always responding to cues quickly enough. Very appropriate costume and props and an “Ahh” ending with head on a large teddy!

2nd, scoring 20.90, Debbie Moore and WSD Mika Mariska. Good content range and interpretation with props and handlers costume helping set the scene. Accuracy was spoilt by poor cue responses and the dog did wander off briefly.

3rd, scoring 20.40, Alison Wilde and BC Shemella Badgers Moon. A good range of moves including flowing free trotting in large circles and targeting the crook, all well controlled. Gentle music well interpreted. The handlers ‘smock’ costume and props helped tell the story. Accuracy needs a bit of work for next time.

4th, scoring 19.80, Diane Jones and St Poo. Tawnabawn Astrantia. There was good interpretation of the music and its style, “In the Mood”. The dog was not very committed at times and cue response sluggish but the content range was good and varied including some trotting in perfect time.

Novice Heelwork, 12 entries, 1 did not work and 5 training rounds.

1st, scoring 20.35, Gina Pink and X breed Fifty Shades the Likely Lad. One can’t but smile at this long low dog who works with such enthusiasm aided by Gina’s encouragement! He kept a consistent position in several different positions though some links went a bit wide. As yet no backing or sidestepping but forward movement was good.

2nd, scoring 18.65, Ellis O’Grady and Clumber Sp. Jackpotstud First Spot. A very competent content with movement is different positions and directions. He was too wide and not in position a few times which lowered the accuracy mark. His tail never stopped wagging, he certainly tried.

3rd, scoring 17.85, Jane Hampson and WSD Castle Keeper. Sadly this dog did not get into an acceptable position at times and was distracted, looking around and drifting off the handler. This was a pity as he obviously has a good repertoire of heelwork moves.

4th,Penny Hudson , scoring 13.15, with WHW Terrier, It’s Just Happy Harry. Harry did not have his working hat on today! Say no more other than better luck next time!! So glad you can smile about it.

The standard in this class today was disappointing but it would seem that the central position of the ring was partly to blame as many dogs could not cope with it. It would help if handlers knew exactly where they needed to start, went straight there, confidently, set up their dog with no faffing about and got started. Also, if you need to change to a training round, make sure your dog does something worth while before rewarding with a toy.

Well done to all competitors, and my thanks to Louise Ince for hosting this show. Very efficiently organised with the help of Gary and a team of willing helpers. We were well looked after. The venue is good, not a huge hall but excellent outdoor space and dog walking.

Lesley Brocklehurst.

Forest Oak [Glos] Canine Society, 15 April, 2017.

Novice Heelwork, Saturday

1st, Wendy Allison, 21.25. This handler’s smart French outfit and beret set the scene well. Lovely interpretation of this gently flowing music, good accuracy and although quite a short routine, plenty of content and variety were evident. A worthy win.

2nd, Penny Draper , 19.85. Unusual music – People are strange, well interpreted. A very competent range of moves but drifting out of some HW positions cost a higher accuracy mark .Litter sister of the above placed dog – both demonstrating great potential. Loved the odd socks!

3rd, Jenny Knudson, 19.75. This little sheltie, Kelgrove Man in Blue is going from strength to strength, gaining confidence and adding to the content. Accuracy competent and interpretation good. Jenny, so smartly dressed added a variety of different footwork especially in the second half.

4th, Louise Ballard, 19.05. A good variety of FS moves but accuracy let this little löwchen down today. Plenty of energy but not hurried, timing and phrasing good as was the choreography and use of ring space.

Advance FS, Sunday.

1st, Cathy Bates, 23.50. A new routine, most enjoyable, with handler and dog moving with quiet grace round the ring. Plenty of variety, flow, and some difficult moves at a distance. High walking forwards on back legs was just a bit too lengthy for my liking. Different steps and the front leg hopping is coming on well.

2nd, Anne Shuker, 22.25. A good interpretation of “Casualty” and “Staying Alive”, with the handler’s costume and props very appropriate to the story. Some complicated sequences of behaviours which could so easily go wrong – they did not today! I just felt the beginning of the routine not very clear or convincing.

3rd, Kay Laurence, 19.60. Mainly free movements and few tricks which makes an interesting change in FS. Some difficult control work both close and at a distance. Interpretation of the music and it nuances was very good.

4th, Tricia Hollingshead, 19.15. This ‘evolving’ country dance/ Morris dance theme is going to be superb. Still very short so limited content. Authentic costume brilliant!!

5th, Louise Ballard, 18.80. Accuracy let this team down today and although the timing and rhythm of the music was good there was no real theme or story. A willing little BC, a bit OTT at times but “watch this space” – great potential!

My thanks to FOF for the invitation to judge. An enjoyable weekend of 2 shows, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, superb facilities – huge hall and spacious ring, good exercise areas and nearby good pubs and lovely forest walks.

Lesey brocklehurst


1st. Cathy Bates and Ruskath Lyrical Image performing to Theme from the Godfather. Score 23.20

A slower paced round for the most part, but that arose partly from the need to fit the choreography into the space available. A clear choreographic theme throughout, with the moves respecting the dynamic and phraseology of the music. Transitions between heelwork positions and the maintenance of the heelwork positions was achieved throughout on verbal signals only, often with distracting or contradictory arm movements, which add to the style and difficulty of the round.

2nd, Di Morgan and Hawkstor Out of the Blue for Darkquest performing to Marigold by Gary Carpenter and Slovak Radio SO. Score 21.7

A good quality round with a clear story line, with handler and dog cultivating their pot of marigolds with loving care and attention – the dog even watering the planted seeds. Good stretches of accurate heelwork, again, with no dependence on hand signals to change or maintain heelwork positions. Good mix of paces – even though the handler was only 2 weeks away from her first hip replacement!! The props were well integrated into the routine and were relevant, as were the freestyle moves that were used. Well performed by the handler who has been polishing her acting skills.

3rd, Louise Ince and Decoymans Piper Edward performing to Don’t be Stupid by Shania Twain. Score 21

Brilliant costume choice for this routine. The choreography is clear and well presented, using all the available space and suiting this busy little dog. Some excellent fast paced forward heelwork, and a really good stretch of sideways movement in the reverse heelwork positions. In general, a good mix of positions, paces and directions. Hand signals minimised and not intrusive. Some minor lapses of concentration and drifting in position.

4th, Sarah Smith and Forever Just Fen performing to Way Back Home by Rod Stewart. Score 18.65

There was a clear choreographic theme evident and the space available in the ring was used well. However, the freestyle moves were not very helpful in interpreting the music. Obvious hand signals were used to maintain heelwork positions and for many of the transitions.

Jan Debnam

Head Judge

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