Stars of Yesteryear

Here we celebrate the work of dogs and people who no longer compete

Angela Richen's - Teddy October 1998 to December 2011.

My first dog, a toy poodle, loved performing and being the centre of attention. Inventive and creative who often did his own thing in their ring rather than what I asked him to! He loved agility and obedience but it was dancing that really got his tail wagging. He got to Novice and was on the way to Intermediate when he suddenly died of a heart condition that had up to then not slowed him down or affected him in any obvious way. During the afternoon he was entering residents at a nursing home but sadly had a problem with breathing in the evening and we lost him that night. He did not like young children and young men but loved girls and elderly people and would always let them pet him. He was first and foremost a cherished pet and companion who I could take anywhere. The highlight of his career was reaching the semis on BGT. He loved showing off to everyone and being pushed around in his basket. Sadly despite a near perfect rehearsal I let him down at the live performance with a poor cue but there had been lots of happy memories on the journey. And he even let Simon Cowell stroke him off stage when he asked me if I was going to get his sausage! In my eyes he was a star and although no longer with me will always be in my heart.


River (Happy Feet)

Who would have thought my handsome rescue collie would go from being a multi-homed 'untrainable' nervous wreck to performing three times at the Crufts Heelwork to Music national finals?  He taught me so much and hopefully has been an inspiration to others living with 'difficult' dogs.  Life with him was never easy but now he has gone I do miss him so and I hope those that knew him will remember his "Happy Feet" and smile.



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