Crufts 2023


Crufts Running order


December 2023

The running order for the three HTM/Freestyle competitions have been drawn.



1st    Helen Dennis
2nd   Lesley Neville
3rd   Kim Lyddon
4th   Charlotte Ball
5th   Lucy Heath
6th Jenny Witt
7th   Jill Davis
8th   Lorna Syrett
9th   Anne Shuker
10th Nicci Hindson


HTM FRIDAY 10th of March
1st   Kath Hardman
2nd  Lesley Neville
3rd  Anne Shuker
4th Rachel Cudworth
5th Lucy Creek
6th Gina Pink
7th Irene Holt
8th Lucy Heath
9th   Carole Dodson
10th  Nicci Hindson



1st   Switzerland
2nd   Germany
3rd   Canada
4th   Sweden
5th   Japan
6th   Denmark
7th   The Czech Republic
8th   Norway
9th   Hungary
10th  United Kingdom
11th   Belgium
12th  The Netherlands
13th   Italy


Here is a list of UK handlers that have qualified for  the UK Crufts 2023 - congratulations to them all.



Heelwork to Music


Nicci Hindson with Comebyanaway Wildest Dream 

Carole Dodson with Borderdance Dream Legend From Kinaway

Irene Walsh with Oltomaine Jack

Ann Shucker with Freckle Frenzy

Lesley Neville with Brambledale  Blue Dewy 

Lucy Creek with JK Amazing Xante

Gina Pink with Whitethorn Dream Catcher

Lucy Heath with Stillmoor Star Turn

 Rachel Cudworth with  Janjelly’s Top Gun Goose

Kath Hardman with Stillmoor Extra Special



Kim Lyddon with Elmleas Dance Out Loud

Anne Shuker with Freckle Frenzy

Nicci Hindson with comebyanaway Wildest Dream

Jill Davis with Demelza at Gildersway

Jenny Witt with Lavender Lollipop 

Lorna Hayes with Nora of Beacon

Helen Dennis with Comebyanaway Pure Love

Lucy Heath with Trip Hazard

 Lesley Neville with Brambledale Blue Dewy

Charlotte Ball with Monet in a Million

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