New Judges Mentoring Scheme
The KC mentoring scheme allows those starting their judging career  to have an experienced judge; mentor, guide and assist them as they start their HTM judging career.
The mentoring scheme currently require that those wishing to judge to be mentored ; before their first judging appointment and during  initial appointments
To get on the scheme they must have attended the Rules and Regs seminar and passed the exam.
Below is the list of current Mentors:
Accredited Judges Trainers and Mentors
Ann DeRizzio
Kath Hardman
Pamela Ruscoe
Louise Ballard
Ali Buck
Lucy Creek
Richard Curtis
Carole Dodson
Michelle Dodson
Claire Giles
Kristine Hodgson
Irene Holt
Diane Jones
Further information about joining the scheme  can be found on the Kennel Club website




From January 1st 2023 all new judges will be able to go through the KC judges mentoring scheme which has been designed to allow new judges to work with experienced judges and gaining  confidence as they begin their judging career.

Sometimes it is difficult for competition organiser to know who is available to judge. We aim to create and maintain a list of those who are currently eligible to judge UK HTM competitions.

Accredited Heelwork To Music judges trainers, accredited trainers are qualified to judge all classes at all levels.


Ann DeRizzo 

Kath Hardman 

Pamela Ruscoe 

Below are list of available judges in alphabetical  who have chosen to have their name on this website and the date they last successfully took their last Rules and Regulations exam which has to be retaken every 5 years. 


Angela Briggs-  All classes - exam 2022

Gill Crawford - Starters to Intermediate - exam 2022

Marie Edgar - Starters/Novice - exam 2022

Gayle Evans - Novice HTM or Freestyle -  exam  2022 

Naomi Evans - Starters to Intermediate - exam 2022

Helen Glass - Starters/Novice - exam 2022

Linda Glover - All classes - exam 2019 

Kristine Hodgson - All classes - exam 2021

Irene Holt - All classes - exam 2022

Michelle Hubbard - All classes - exam 2019

Amanda Jinks - Starters/Novice - exam 2022

Annette Lowe - All Classes - exam 2023

Jean Page - Starters/Novice - exam 2019

Andrea Rogers - Starters/Novice exam 2022

Anne Shucker - All classes - exam 2019

Heather Smith - All classes - exam 2019

Kathleen Stubbings - All classes - exam 2023

Karen Sykes - All classes - exam 2022










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