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Premier competitions

The competition season is well underway and it has been great to see people and their dogs again. Handlers winning either and advanced Freestyle or Heelwork to music class at a premier competition gain their golden ticket straight to Crufts 2023. Below are the names of those happy handlers and dogs so far.


Date   Qualifying competition Division Handler name Dogs name Breed
9th & 10th April 2022 Forest Oak (Glos) Canine society Heelwork to Music Nicci Hindson

Comebyanaway Wildest Dream

Border Collie
     Freestyle  Kim Lyddon  Elmleas Dance Out Loud  Border Collie
7th & 8th May 2022  Canine Freestyle GB  Heelwork to Music  Carole Dodson  Borderdance Dream Legend From Kinaway  Border Collie
     Freestyle  Anne Shucker  Freckle Frenzy  Crossbreed
21st May 2022  Paws N Music Association  Heelwork to Music  Irene Walsh  Oltomaine Jack  Border Collie
     Freestyle  Nicci Hindson  Comebyanaway Wildest Dream  Border Collie
4th June 2022   Bearded Collie   (Scottish Branch)  Heelwork to Music  Anne Shucker Freckle Frenzy  Cross Breed 
    Freestyle  Jill Davis  Demelza at Gildersway  Border Collie 
25th & 26th June 2022  Aberystwyth DTC  Heelwork to Music  Lesley   Neville  Brambledale Blue Dewy  Bearded Collie
    Freestyle   Jenny Witt  Lavender Lollipop  Chihuahua
6th August 2022   Paws N Music Asssociation  Heelwork to Music      
7th August 2022  Haslemere  and District  Heelwork to Music      
26th & 27th August 2022 Paws N Music Association  Heelwork to Music      
 10th & 11th September   Canine Freestyle GB  Heelwork to Music      
24th & 25th September 2022 Scottish Border Collie Club Heelwork to Music      



May 2022


The Kennel Club  announced the newest member of the Heelwork to Music Working Party, Ms Kim Lyddon.  Kim's  appointment was approved by the Board at its recent meeting.

March 2022

UK Crufts Winner for Heelwork to Music and Freestyle was Nicci Hindson and her super collie Comebyanaway Wildest Dream.

The Crufts international Freestyle winner was Marianne Elise Methi and Very Vega, a Border Collie representing Norway


 28th January 2022


It is with great pleasure that we announce the Crufts Dog Activities HTM team for 2022

Team members come from all over the UK . They are working in all classes from  Starters to Advanced and have a wonderful wide selection of dogs breeds and types.


Team Manager - Ann Derizzio


Team Members are in alphabetical order:


Charlotte Ball

Helen Boyd

Daniella Chapman

Gill Crawford

Carole Dodson

Michelle Dodson

Naomi Evans

Janice Gibbons

Kath Hardman

Carole Harris

Kate Kayes

Emily High

Mira Hitikasch

Diane Jones

Mindy Kerr

Lisa Mappin

Lynsey McMinimee

Richard Moss

Ellis O’Grady

Jean Page

Angela Payne

Karen Robson

Andrea Rogers

Pamela Ruscoe

Kirsty Stuart

Alison Thompson

Hannah Thompson


27th January 2022

New member of the HTM working party

The Kennel Club Activities Committee has appointed a new Chair to the HTM working party after the retirement of Dave Ray. Dr Jacqueline Boyd chaired her first meeting in December 2021.

We asked Jackie for a brief introduction:

"Hello, I'm Jackie. I was hugely privileged to join the HTM WP in 2021 as Chair to assist the working party in all endeavours to promote and support Heelwork to Music. I am passionate about having fun with our dogs and keeping them fit, happy and healthy through training and activities.  I'll look forward to seeing many of you over the coming months"

 We welcome Jackie to the HTM community.


10th January 2022


Crufts is our next big show - Those lucky enough to be going to Crufts will now be training hard. The sport will be represented there in several ways. In the main arena with the Freestyle, Heelwork to Music and International Freestyle competitions held over the first three days of Crufts. Check out Crufts pages shortly.

There will also be the Young Kennel club Crufts HTM and Freestyle Competitions.

Displays in the Kennel Club dog activities ring every day and demonstrations in the Good Citizen ring too.

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